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Renovations, Restoration and Interior finishing

We work with clients to achieve their dream of a comfortable home and office space. Our submarket passion is to uphold the highest standard in the renovation, restoration and interior finishing of client facilities through innovation, quality operations and professionalism. With our team of interior architects, designers and specialized workmen, we are already working towards achieving this end. Currently, we provide high-end solutions ranging from small home renovation to turnkey finishing of commercial and residential properties.

More than providing complete facelift, renovation and restoration services, we actually bring out the colour, aesthetics, ambiance and the emotion of a space by paying deep attention to details and carefully employing the right materials and methods to our operations. From conceptualization to finishing, we provide quality workmanship and services customized to meet clients expectations, budget and schedule.

Our services are tailored to homes, villas, offices, hotels, schools, restaurants e.t.c. We specialize in structural restoration, spatial planning, installation of cabinetry, surface finishing and furnishing.

  • Structural Restoration
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  • Installation of Cabinetry
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